About Mary

Head and Shoulders photo of Mary

Hello, I’m Mary Blackhurst Hill. I’m an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist.

My job is to help you look fantastic and to feel fantastic about the way you look!

How do I do that (and all without the help of a magic wand?)

Well, we do need to spend some time together so that I can work some things out with you. We need to

  • Discover the family of colours that work best with your natural colouring so you can always look healthy and at your most attractive. As a bonus, all the colours will go together so you can become effortlessly well-co-ordinated.
  • Look at your lifestyle to find out what kind of clothes you need in your wardrobe and how many of them
  • Ascertain your body architecture and proportions so you can shop for clothes that work best with your shape
  • Investigate your personality, the “who” that lives inside. That’s so you can start to express yourself truthfully and honestly (but appropriately) with your clothing choices.

That’s it. Well, for a start, anyway. Simple, isn’t it! But I promise you that you’ll be amazed at how complex a being you are and how you can wear clothes that you feel happy and comfortable in and which you just know present you at your absolute best. Every Single Day.


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