Lose Your Heart But Not Your Head


‘Twas sunny and the catalogues

Did flop and flutter through the door

All tempting were the offerings

To get you spending more and more 


Beware the Summer Sales, my friend.

The cuts that tempt, the prices slashed

Beware the date the sale MUST END

To get you through the door in a dash.


So take your credit card firm in hand

And consider long in thought

And rest a while and have some tea

Will you regret the things you’ve bought?


And as you munch a currant bun

And ponder hard and ponder deep

Make sure your choices will be good

And the clothes you buy will earn their keep.


Then with decision firmly made

Strike with the credit card firm and true

Come home with joy and heavy bags

(then sit down for another brew).


Then email me with your purchases

And hear my shouts of glee

Oh frabjous day, you make me proud

Your cleverness is all due to ME!


(with apologies to Lewis Carroll)


Just a few simple rules to guide you through the mayhem of the summer sales:

  1. However tempting the price buy ONLY in your colour and style. It won’t work any better for you just because it’s cheap; you just won’t have wasted quite as much money as if you had bought it full price (which you wouldn’t have done anyway, would you?)
  2. If you have Classic anywhere in your clothing personality DON’T be tempted to compromise on quality. Sometimes retailers use the sale as an opportunity to offload suspect stock. Don’t be taken in: use your normal rigorous tests of quality.
  3. Ask yourself, “Would I have bought this at full price had it been within my budget?” If the answer is no, then do you really want it now?
  4. Make sure the item will fit in with your existing wardrobe or, if represents the beginning a new capsule wardrobe at the other end of your colour spectrum, that you buy it a few partners at the same time so you can start wearing it immediately.
  5. Ask yourself “Do I love it?” The same rules should apply in a sale as to anywhere else: if you haven’t lost your heart to it, then don’t hand over your credit card!
That’s a pretty good rule for a lot of things really, isn’t it?

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