If you’re sorting your knickers there’s something you’re not doing!

What Should You Be Doing Instead? 

I bought a jacket this week. A lovely geranium pink jacket in a slubby cotton. Nothing strange in that, you might think, but actually yes.

You see, I’ve been putting off buying clothes because I really didn’t want to buy clothes in size 16.

 Which resulted in having no jackets that actually fit me.

 I also bought two pairs of jeans this week on the same principle.

Tops stretch, cardigans and woollies stretch. Jeans and jackets – not so much.

 So – what has this got to do with procrastination?

 Well – I had a bit of a lightbulb moment earlier this week when I was talking to someone at a network meeting. She was explaining that she really needed to come to me to find out her best colours and the styles that really suited her, but she wasn’t in a position to buy a whole new wardrobe, so she was waiting until she had a bit more money.


 Now, when was the last time you had, say, £2,000 just sitting in your bank account labelled “please spend me on clothes?” That would be never, right?

 Now, some of us do spend £2,000 on clothes in one sitting, but in my experience, it’s people who really dislike clothes shopping (yes – that’s quite a few of us), who budget for the whole year or season and then go and buy our entire summer/winter wardrobe in one go. Or occasionally, it’s one of my better off clients who is willing to invest £2,000 in a designer handbag. (This is a Chanel floral tweed classic bag – a snip at £1,990, by the way!)

 Most of us tend to spend in dribbles; £50 here and £125 there and £30 somewhere else. But, you know what? Those dribbles mount up.

 And this lady who’s waiting for “a bit more money” to magically arrive will find that she has still bought clothes in dribbles,but these will be in colours that are “safe” or which the sales assistant assures her are “on trend” or which her best friend has told her look good, and in styles which are more conservative than she would like because she’s just not sure what suits her.

 Over the next six months I can almost guarantee that she will spend more on clothes that will add to her wardrobe problem than she would spend on a colour class and style day with me where she will get all the knowledge she needs to start building that capsule wardrobe in the perfect colours and styles that will work hard for her and bring her joy every time she gets dressed.

Ah, I promised not to get passionate this week, didn’t I? Oh well…

So – back to my jacket. I realised that I was waiting around for my extra inches to magically disappear and I was unable, while waiting, to enjoy my jackets that didn’t fit.

 And, as a boutique owner just happened to have brought along a selection of jackets to the networking meeting, including this geranium pink one in my new size, it just seemed meant.

 I now have a jacket I love. And I can wear it now. It does up and it fits.

 Ah, but wait – it wasn’t quite perfect. It has pockets with silver zips, and big silver zip fasteners on. Oops! I don’t do silver; I do gold.

 I knew that I would never properly enjoy the jacket unless I did something about the silver zip-fasteners and, with that lightbulb moment still in my head, I got out my sewing kit the same night.

These brass buttons and pink flowers are much better than the big silver toggles.

 Back to your underwear drawers.

 I always remember my director at House of Colour when I first trained, saying to us, “If you ever find yourself sorting out your underwear drawer, then you probably need to be doing something else!”

 She was right of course.

 Although last month I did sort out my underwear drawer as part of my big “sort out my house” campaign. A lovely client had recommended a book to me,

I’ve read many many books on decluttering but this is the first one that’s worked and I would also recommend it. Marie Kondo’s philosophy is simple. If something brings you pleasure then keep it. If, when you touch the item you feel anything other than pleasure or joy, then get rid of it if at all possible.
Tidy underwear drawer
Ah – not my drawer – but mine is even tidier I promise you!
So sorting out my underwear drawer was simple. I threw everything away and bought some new bras and panties in pretty pink. I bought the bare minimum. In fact, the minimum was so bare I actually had to buy another set on Tuesday in order to stay decent. The laundry fairy had been slacking on her duties you see.

The glory of this method of tidying is that things have actually stayed tidy! I still can’t quite believe it, all previous experience being that one tidies up and within twenty four hours another bomb has hit – or at least, that’s what it looks like.

But back to procrastination. My challenge to you, around procrastination and clothes is, what have you been putting off?

Have you been putting off a significant purchase, like a coat or that dress which will go anywhere? Or that pair of winter boots – making the old ones last yet another season? Have you been putting off going to have your boobs properly measured so you too can organise your underwear drawer with new undies? Or going to get your eyes tested because you don’t want the expense of new specs?

Or maybe it’s as simple as you haven’t wanted to buy very much because you know you need to book your Personal Style Class with me, and you don’t want to buy clothes that are in the right colours but the wrong styles.

So take a deep breath and just do it. Make a date with yourself to go shopping. Or drop me an email to say “Go on Mary, book me in.”

I can promise that, once you’ve done whatever it is you have to do, you’ll feel so much better. And probably not a lot poorer than you would have been anyway.

Oh, and because I get more comments about the chaps I post than about anything else (Kenolivier was very popular last week!), maybe we should have a man in underwear and nothing else.

OK – you drive a hard bargain, girls, two men in underwear then! the blond adonis is Bailey Lee (look, but don’t touch: he’s a family man) and Ry Williams – about who I know nothing except that he’s a friend of Bailey.

Now stop looking at these lads and go do what you need to be doing, OKay?

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