Resort Privé – All Splendidly Spiffing!

 Resort Privé – With New Balls Please

Art Deco hotel
Burgh Island Hotel: Setting for Evil Under The Sun by Agatha Christie. Lovely Art Deco architecture.

After a polite enquiry whether Miss Marple minded a pipe, he lit it and puffed for some minutes in silence, watching critically the two white figures about the tennis court.

He said at last:

 “Can’t see what Addie wants to have lessons for. Have a game, yes. Not one enjoys it better than I do. But why lessons?”

“Wants to improve her game,” said Sir Henry.

“She’s not a bad player,” said Hugo. “Good enough at all events. Dash it all, she isn’t aiming to play at Wimbledon.”

He was silent for a minute or two. Then he said:

 “Who is this Raymond fellow? Where do they come from, these tennis pros? Fellow looks like a dago to me.”

The Body In the Library – Agatha Christie.(from the days when it was the duty of every right-thinking Englishman to be unashamedly racist.) 

Now I know some of you like the musical links, so if you’d appreciate some additional ambiance with your fashions then please click here. If not – then read on in that hushed silence encouraged at top-notch tennis matches…

Right then – opening serve.

Ah, I’m supposed to tell you that this look is fresh and modern; that it is a contemporary blend of flirtatious silhouettes and street-style athletic sportswear. Right. You know, I find it faintly worrying that I seem to be the only one noticing all the Deco stuff going on. I feel a bit like the little boy pointing out that the Emperor has holes in his boxers… Maybe the Ninjas stole his clothes and nobody has yet realised!

Well, yes…. we’ve got the stark graphic stripes and monochromatic brights, and certainly everyone’s terribly keen on the new high-performance fabrics, but, the whole effect? Well, I see the 1930s.

Well, just see what you think. Oh, and I’ve gone to M&S and Karen Millen for this week’s looks.

Three additional words for you: cropped, asymmetric and slim.

Jackets first:

Tencel Bomber Jacket
Leather Punch Hole Design Biker Jacket
Linen rich cropped stiped blazer

So the top two are modern takes on the classic bomber jacket in the Tencel fabric and the leather one has a sporty mesh look. But that blazer at the bottom? Honestly – it almosts demands a punt and flannel bags, doesn’t it? It’s this year, though, you can tell that as it’s cropped short.

What are we going to wear beneath those jackets then?

Pure Silk Scarf Print Shell Top
Graphic stripe t-shirt

You can start to see the bold stripes and colour blocking coming in can’t you? It’s also moderately difficult to find a straight hem around. Note that the one at the bottom has the back lower than the front – and a lot more stripes on the back! And – er – can I make a request that nobody attempts to wear that stripy top under the stripy blazer above…. Yes,  I know some of you were thinking of trying it! Just don’t, Okay?

And skirts? Ah well, this is where the trend really starts for me. There are lots of options here. Firstly, the skirt that really wants the score to be thirty-love,

Tipped Tennis Skater Skirt.

But for those who like a little swish and swing – and can take that unreliable hemline…

Pure Silk Scarf Print Asymmetric Skirt

And yes – you do recognise that print as it goes with the top above. Not sure I would put them together myself, but somebody might, I suppose.

Now – these skirts have been around for eons, but this season, they’re on trend. Something to wear in the afternoon for tea with scones and jam: but for goodness sake don’t spill the jam on this skirt. Just hope these pleats will stay in when you wash it….

Now – remember those knife pleats, you’ll be seeing them again in a bit. But last skirt for now…

Linen Rich Striped A-Line Midi Skirt

Can you start to see what I’m seeing with the 1930s thing?

Into the dresses and this is where it really starts to ramp up.

Stretch cotton full skirted dress
Back of that dress

Oh yes, you can see that this dress really longs to be on that Centre Court, can’t you?

Then there’s this…

Pleated Crepe Fit & Flare Dress

  …which would feel equally at home on the court or with the scones, wouldn’t it?

But – just in case you thought we’d forgotten the essential stripes…

Modal Rich Striped Asymmetric Fit & Flare Dress

Now – I can’t be alone in thinking that this dress looks as if it’s just broken out of Dartmoor, surely? But, well, it’s here. Apparently it was invited (shrugs). But with that skirt shape, maybe it went to the Ninja’s party first and got booted out because of – oh yes – the stripes….

And moving quickly on…

We haven’t finished yet (because dresses are where this look really gets into its game!)

Knife pleated shift dress
Linen Blend Easy to Iron Curved Seam Colour Block Shift Dress
Double layer bodice a line dress
Colourblock shift dress

Actually, looking at the bottom two, it’s almost as if the Eighties had seduced the Thirties and given birth to – well, these dresses. Oh, and you did spot the knife pleats at the top, didn’t you? And the sporty cutaway neckline on the orange one? Ah yes – remember you would be wearing sunglasses to watch the game – so you might not get blinded. Vibrant Autumns only for this one please!

And lastly – let’s take things into the evening…

Metallic Effect Pleated Skater Dress

And it’s those knife pleats again….

Vertical stripe maxi dress
Mesh Lace Tunic Shift Dress

C’mon – you MUST be able to see that Deco influence now! It isn’t all my imagination is it?

So what do you all think? Can you see yourself with the tennis pro? Let me know – and let me tell you, the tennis pro looks like this!

Raymond – The Tennis Pro

Game, set and match I think.


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