Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2015    


I wish I could remember the name of the ex-editor of Vogue who, at the age of 73 said “I still follow fashion. But these days, from a discreet distance.”

As some of my American friends would say “I am SO all over that!”

But, even when following from a distance so discreet that a paparazzi photo lens would have trouble identifying you, we still need to know which styles are relevant to us and which we should leave languishing on that luxury yacht on some far ocean (and I think I’ve stretched that metaphor just a little too far there).

poodle groomed to excess
Daisy – the Fashion Dog

So, with my trusty fashion-dog by my side, here’s a quick round-up. Over the next five weeks I will deal with each look in detail and give a few hints and tips on how to wear it, who should wear it and if, IMHO (in my humble opinion) you should avoid it, showing all the disdain of Violet, Dowager Duchess of Grantham (Downton Abbey).

But for now – the five main “looks”.

Monastic Zen

Hmmm – let’s see now… Do you do judo? Do you look good in those pajama-looking things? Do you love to tie your scarf into intricate knots? Do origami in your spare time? Tend to stare inscrutably into the far distance saying things like “Well you have done, young Grasshopper”? If you can answer all those questions in the affirmative then this elegant pared down to the essentials with more than a hint of the orient will work for you. Try to think Ninja without thinking turtles (yes – it’s hard, isn’t it?).

Not very Ninja, but with the general lines…

Maxi Dress: Mint Velvet £119


Resort Prive (and that last e is supposed to have an acute)
Hold on: Identity Crisis Alert! This is the look that wants to be bang up to date with technological fibres and modern sporting performance clothing theory, yet irresistibly looks back to the world of 1930’s Riviera hotels where brilliantined young gentlemen asked ladies to play doubles and spoke of sporting “toggery”! This is where evening dresses dream of Wimbledon or winning the Gold medal for the Freestyle 100m; yet somehow there’s a definite element of Art Deco swimming up to the surface. Oh, nothing so wholesome as Jane Hunter Dunn: these clothes will demand protein shakes rather than scones and honey for tea, but the whole strained elegance of the thirties is represented here.
Warehouse striped dress £50

The Wanderer

Cue breathless whisper: “Hello – I’m from the Seventies and I once auditioned for a Cadbury’s Flake advert, but they decided I was just too – flaky….”  Right then. Lots of cotton, lots of suede, a bit of Broiderie Anglais and floaty, floaty, oops hang on there – grab hold of her, somebody, before she floats away like a helium balloon!…. Not much more to say here. This is the style that paints in watercolours, yet doesn’t think to listen to the weather forecast before she heads out into that field of sunflowers with her easel and palette… She’s a hopeless romantic who still believes in unicorns and fairies and will convince you all to clap for the fairies too because you can’t bear to disappoint her!

Mint Velvet devore velvet dress £99

Romantic Uniform

“We’ll always have Paris.” Funny how the best war film line doesn’t feature a uniform at all… yet suddenly an army of khaki and land-girls dungarees (with a sharp oriental twist) descend on the catwalks and I can hear, quite distinctly, a measured and gravelly voice: “We will fight them on the beaches….” Oh, you can be cynical and claim that the military look has been a fashion perennial since the Falklands (or at least the first Iraq war), but this year the designers have developed astigmatism (too many grasshoppers for lunch) and the lines have become distinctly Japanese. Damn shame. I loved Rick. Go on – just click his name to get that last scene in Casablanca… “Here’s lookin’ at you kid…”

Pink Trench Coat John Lewis £99

Wonder Years

You know, I sometimes long for designers to look further back than the 1890s. How would it be if they suddenly went all Regency on us – or better, the Georgian look with ruffles, powder and patches? Anyway – the Wonder Years are (yawn) the 1950s reinvented yet again. At least they’ve taken Breakfast At Tiffany’s as the theme so it’s a little sharper than some years (and when they take on the cat as a design inspiration I for one will cheer!). So – yeah, we’ve got cinched in waists and full skirts – or pencil skirts… and polka dots….Ah – with crop tops; that’s new…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz – oh sorry, did I fall asleep there for a moment? Hey – the best thing about that film is the song by Deep Blue Something… and if you click and watch the video you will see that the lead singer turns up to breakfast in Monastic Zen (and it was 2009! Hey time travel!). You see, there are links everywhere but nothing new under the sun…

Phase Eight Scicily Spot Dress £79

Well, I will be covering these looks in much more detail in the coming five weeks (how can you wait? I can hear you asking!) and, because it’s me, I will try to make it amusing as well as informative. Go on, make me happy and actually read and comment on the darn things!


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