Having a Bad Hair Day

Now, be honest, girls: how many of you remember the original Charlie’s Angels?


Yes, it was 1976, which means, if you could stay up late enough to watch (and to remember them 38 years later)…. no – I’m not going to embarrass you, but ain’t none of us gonna see forty again, are we?

So, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith: they all had one thing in common (apart from being American actresses and obscenely attractive, that is); yes, long (and big – and impeccably blow-dried) hair!


Moving on twelve years and we have Melanie Griffiths in Working Girl (we also have  Sigourney Weaver but she was the baddy, so no one remembers her!)


What was that? Oh yeah – big hair again (if not quite long hair in Melanie’s case).

Moving on to 1996 we have me.

ImageMmmm. Very long hair. Sadly, not quite as glamorous as the fore-pictured American girls and, even more sadly I never got to play opposite Harrison Ford. It was probably something to do with the fact that I looked as if I was auditioning for the part of “Sad Cat Lady” at the time. One fondly remembered gentleman did once use the line from Working Girl that I had a head for business and a bod for sin, but I think he said it more in the hope that I would use that bod to sin with him than with any integrity of conviction (and I’m not going to reveal whether he was disappointed or not: I like to keep some secrets, you know).

You have to admit, there’s something about long hair. Even people who look fantastic with ultra-short hair, have been known to go long…



Even if, you could argue, they look better with short.

And here’s Annie, several years older than the video – just as chic as ever…


All very interesting, you say; but what’s prompted this?

Well, it was this fascinating article, sent to me by my very lovely friend Alison, who is a self-confessed news and media junkie and who frequently sends me articles she thinks I’ll find interesting. I did this one. So please, girls, follow this link and see what you think (regardless of what you might think of Hilary’s politics).


I completely admire both her statement that “Hair matters” and her pragmatic approach to styling while away from home in a potentially hostile situation. At the same time I deplore the fact that the media seems to spend far more time addressing and criticizing a female politician’s/sportswoman’s/senior businesswoman’s wardrobe and hair-style than it does her policies/tactics/financial acumen. When did we last see an analysis of David Cameron’s suit choice, where he bought his shirt and whether he was wise to have chosen that tie?

All that leads me back around to my basic point (I think): we are judged by our hair.

So, going back to the blog of two weeks ago, it is even more vital that we make that five/six week appointment with our stylist, that we use the right shampoo, conditioner and styling products for our hair and (most importantly) we have a hair-style that not only looks good with our hair type,our stature and features (just as a general rule: long works when you are young and/or tall. Once past thirty (give or take) long is best swept up if you’re classic or cut shorter if you’re not. This rule, is of course general only and there are many exceptions – just not as many as you possibly hoped if you’re still wearing your hair long because your husband likes it!)

Make your hair work for you and fit with who you are. One of my friends (yes, you are my friend, Cecelia; I do love you) wears hers short, spiky and dyed bright pink! Her wardrobe is pink; her business includes the word “Pink” and, as her personality is dramatic she carries it all off with aplomb! Another friend wears a smooth shoulder length bob that really works for her (she’s classic, yet girlie), and – I hope you will all agree, that my textured Tinkerbell crop is a distinct improvement on the flower child above!

ImageAnd if you’re still not sure – then you need to book your Style Day with me, don’t you?







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