Why You Should Start Dating

Yes, it’s happened to me again! In spite of all my best intentions my toe-nail polish is peeling, my legs are furry and my eyelashes have reverted to their naturally blond state. I need my beautician and I need her NOW! (Actually I needed her a fortnight ago but the case is currently desperate.)

Now, because my beautician is a friend and a lovely generous woman, she has been known to drop everything and come round to my house on a Monday night in order to restore me to the ranks of the well groomed, but the point is that I should never have let myself get into this state in the first place. I know I need her attentions every five weeks, but rarely, rarely does that date go in the diary.

My hair is not a problem. I am not permitted to leave the company of the wonderful Helen without making my next appointment (or two when it’s coming up to Christmas or the holiday season).  Helen is possibly the most organised person I have ever met, as well as being a fantastic hair stylist. If it were not for her organising me I would regularly become a “Gonk” (Do you remember those little trolls from the 1970s with long, neon-coloured hair?) or resemble a blonde Cousin It from the Addams Family.

I know I am not alone with this issue. I saw a spoof  poster the other day announcing “So you can be prepared, we are announcing early that Christmas this year will be held on 25th December.” Still not enough to prevent that last minute panic on Christmas Eve, though.

So, can I encourage you to start putting things in your diary? We need to think about things that do need regular attention:

  • Hair cuts and colour
  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Waxing
  • Facials
  • Wardrobe Reviews (including underwear – following on from last week)

Very few of us cut our own hair, but for many of us, the other things on the list are things that we do for ourselves…. sometimes….

So maybe we need to make those dates with ourselves.

Before the children came along, I used to have a regular “beauty night” on Wednesday Evenings. My husband was usually out on a Wednesday and so I could take that long, relaxing bath, exfoliate, depilate, put on a face-mask and sink down into those bubbles, resolved to ignore the phone or door-bell.

Funnily enough, ever since 29th March 2002 (yes – my eldest daughter is twelve now – how time flies) that formerly weekly event has happened more infrequently than I care to admit.

But it’s starting again now (if I can wrest the bathroom from the clutches of the aforementioned twelve year old daughter, that is).

House of Colour do the most amazing exfoliator and what is possibly the best face-mask in the world, so why do I not take advantage of this more often? We have a fantastic moisturiser (not for every day) called the Intense Energising Cream which provides a real boost to that weekly spa treatment.

So it’s not 1st January, but I’m making a resolution. I’m calling Concepta tonight and putting at least 2 dates in the diary with her and I’m making Wednesday night Beauty night again.

Yes – it’s in the diary. Don’t call me on Wednesday nights; I won’t answer.



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