Unashamededly advertising here!

I don’t normally do this, now do I? So I’m begging your forgiveness for this time and possibly the few future times I’m going to do it too.

Today I’m going to show you some of the things I’ve got in my studio that I thought you might like to get as Christmas presents for yourself, Christmas Presents for your friends and daughters, or as presents you would like him to get you and put in your stocking. Now – maybe most of you have not been desperate enough to do what a friend of mine did last Christmas; she bought a present, wrapped it, wrote “to my lovely wife” on the label and put it under the tree. Her husbnad was delighted he’d got it right for once – even if he couldn’t quite remember having actually got it for her in the first place. Oh, there’s a lot to recommend with that approach. With my rather specialist hobby of card-making, if I tell my husband I would like the  Tattered Lace  Music of the Night Art Deco Greyhound Die he is going to look at me as if I am suddenly speaking Venusian. Well, c’mon – unless you are a fellow crafter – and card-maker at that – it’s not going to mean much to you either, is it? Look – if you’re really curious – here it is. And, yes, you spotted it too – it’s the red carpet dress I really have my eye on!

So what treasures have I got in my studio for you?

Let’s start with the MelanO stackable rings. Now, hand on heart, I am not a ring person. I wear the obligatory engagement ring and wedding rings, but have never really found rings out there that appeal. The MelanO rings are different. How great is it that you can change the colour of the stone in your ring(s) to match your outfit? Moreover, the fact that you can stack two or three together and create great colour combinations. All the stones –  both the coloured cubic zircona which are faceted and sparkly and the semi precious stones which are round-cut come in a choice of rose gold or stainless steel (silver) settings and simply screw onto the ring itself. Simple! I really look forward to building up a collection of these stones to wear with the super-comfy rings. Have a look at the website here. We’re doing the “Twisted” range (no clever comments if you please) and, as it’s in Dutch, you won’t be able to read the blurb, but at least you can look at the pretty pictures.

The second jewellery range I’ll be offering is the amazing collection by a Hampshire designer. Although I’ll link you to her website at the bottom of this piece, the photographs just don’t do justice to the way the colours meld and glow with every change of light and your movement. These are amazing statement pieces. As Caroline says:

I love the colours and simple shapes of the fused glass. Its nature dictates a naive quality that is instantly pleasing. I really enjoy the creative process, remembering the items and objects I am depicting. Opening the kiln still feels me with excitement at seeing the transformation from cut glass fragments into a fusion of coherent jewel-like colours”.

You can see some of Caroline’s pieces here, but if you’re able to get to my studio next week you will  just be blown away by them, I promise. Oh, and the designs come in cufflinks too – for all the Romantic, Natural Romantic and Romantic Classic husbands out there who have been “Mary’d” – and there are quite a few!

Once upon a time, my friend Pauline used to be a House of Colour consultant. But then she went to Italy, fell in love with their handbags and found her true passion in life. I will have a selection of the wonderful bags that Pauline and her daughter (that’s where their name – MammaFiglia comes from) source from the sunny Iberian coast. I don’t know which ones yet, but I have to say, that, if they bring me a Yoshi Birds Applique bag, I don’t think any of you are going to get a chance to buy it: that one will be mine! This is what I mean….

Grab Bag with Birds
Yoshi Birds Applique Grab bag £75

Isn’t that just wonderful? So yes, you say, for you: not for me. So – how about this one?

Grab Bag Raspberry
Bridle Grab Bag – £55

Lovely for all you Summer Natural Classics out there! Whatever Pauline brings for me, it will be a mouth watering selection.

Of course I will have all the makeup available and I’ll have bite sized gift packages made up and gift vouchers too. Our own fabulous scarves will be on display and stocking filler bits and pieces. there’s something for all seasons and all pockets. Or – you can just come and hang out – try some new lipstick shades, get my opinion on that new dress you’ve bought but haven’t taken the tags off yet and drink a cup of coffee with me.

I really hope to see you there!


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