Game Set and Match

And Serendipity.

Which is a wonderful word, isn’t it? It means, I think, “Happy Accident”, and it happens quite a lot for me around the area of clothes and accessories. I  hope it happens for you too.

Very often I will get comments along the lines of “those things go together so perfectly; did you buy them as a set?” And the answer is usually “no, they were bought at completely different times and places – but thank you.”

Three examples for you:

This week, it being very hot, I attended a formal business meeting in a yellow Vyella skirt (four years old) which just happened to exactly match the yellow budget supermarket buy cardigan from earlier this season. Teamed with a flamingo pink lace camisole from Kettlewell and shoes that (just happened) to pick up the yellow and pink, the outfit was fresh, summery but formal enough to visit my late uncle’s accountant and solicitor.

Earlier this year I bought a lovely turquoise butterfly necklace from the very wonderful Tomfoolery lady (and you can see her wares at mine on September 26th). There just happened to be earrings already in my collection (can’t remember where they came from) that exactly match the colour of the turquoise butterfly and are a similar style.

This is definitely the best one. Several years ago I found this rather wacky brown Dalmatian corduroy fabric and had it made up into a little bomber jacket. When I later saw some Boden pony skin loafers in exactly the same brown Dalmatian pattern – well, it had to be done! Definitely a casual outfit, that one, worn with jeans and a tee shirt, but loads of fun.

And, as you grow into your colours and style, this should happen to you more and more.  House of Colour always tell you never to buy items in order to “go” with other items, because a) they may not go with anything else in your wardrobe and you will end up with very boring and inflexible outfits. But b) more importantly, the items you buy to “go” with something else may not actually go with you! This is one of those times you need to trust the process. You already know that, as you consistently buy into your Season, you new colours all seem to go together much better than the old “mish-mash” you used to have in your wardrobe, but gradually you will find yourself with items that seem to go together and even match so perfectly and effortlessly, everyone will think that you bought them together as an outfit. the glory of them is that you know they go with everything else too!

You do need to be vigilant though. There are times when a “set” of jewellery is actually nothing of the kind. My friend Sally (another Spring) and I regularly exchange pieces. I remember a “set” I bought where the earrings were the perfect scale for me, but the accompanying bracelet was massive on my little wrists. It looked great on the Natural Dramatic Sally however. So we split them up. It was only costume jewellery; it wasn’t like splitting up a marriage! Ah, and talking about marriages, that shoes and handbag “set” you bought for a wedding is another possible suspect. Have you used that handbag again? We sometimes end up with a “handbag graveyard” at the top of the wardrobe, don’t we?

If you have a “set” of some thing, just review it to make sure all the bits work together and with you. If any part doesn’t, then have no compunction in sending the odd one on its way to find a new loving home. clothes, shoes and jewellery are meant to be worn. If they are languishing, unloved, there’s nearly always a reason: they probably don’t match you. Let them go with grace and let someone else have that serendipitous moment of joyful discovery.


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