The Tale of Six Pink Cardigans

Oh I said I’d write this didn’t I?

Hmmm. I remember, just last Friday I said that I would do it this week. Can I get out of it? Can I please write about something else? Anything else?

So, is writing about doing your own wardrobe review particularly difficult? No, of course it isn’t. I’m really happy to write instructions for you. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Is actually doing your own wardrobe review difficult? Well, if you’re me, yes. Which is why this is hard to write. You know I’m always honest with you, so I need to say that this is really tough for me.

But maybe this isn’t hard for you. Maybe you’re not a hoarder. Maybe you are one of those enviable people who can just say (callously) “no – I’ve had you for long enough. You’re tired, out of fashion and I don’t need you anymore; bye.”

If so, then this blog is for your amusement only. From your pinnacle of minimalism, you can gaze down at we lesser mortals and laugh gently at our follies. We won’t hold it against you – much…

For the rest of us then…

So, is this your wardrobe?

Well, obviously not. Maybe I should have asked “does your wardrobe look a bit like this?” And would you be honest with me? Really?

Now, before you jump to any conclusions, no – my wardrobe looks nothing like this. It is ruthlessly organised with trousers together, jackets together, skirts together and so on, each with neutrals on the left and then a rainbow progression from red through to violet (because, as a Spring, I don’t do Indigo). I realise that for some of you this may seem to border on the obsessive and a brief glance at my library (filed chronologically, by author, within genre) will confirm your worst suspicions, but when you have quite a few clothes (or books) it just makes sense to keep them organised.

The problem with this is that duplicates are a bit obvious. When I switched over to my Summer wardrobe last week it was – well – embarrassing, to find that I have no less than 28 cardigans.

I feel that somewhere there should be an organisation with meetings one can attend where one stands up and says “Hello. My name is Mary and I am a cardiganholic.”

Now (deep breath) I can cope with having 28 cardigans, in theory. What was worrying was when a closer look revealed that I had six pink cardigans. Surely nobody needs six pink cardigans!

So I thought I would share with you the exquisitely painful process of whittling these down to an acceptable number. And – no – I don’t know yet what that number should be; I may in fact, need all six.

A quick description of each:

  • shocking pink V neck with interesting “waterfall” sleeves (cotton)
  • Classic round neck in flamingo pink. Moderately interesting buttons (cotton)
  • short sleeved crop cardi in shell pink (cotton)
  • Polka-dot coral round neck (cotton). Incredible fun, good quality. Love it. this one stays, whatever!
  • coral short cascade wrap from Kettlewell (cotton)
  • coral ballet wrap (cashmere). My Belinda Robertson. Instant glamour for jeans, elegance for more formal trousers. This stays too.

The first question I ask myself (after getting all of the cardis out and laying them on the bed in full view in natural daylight, is: Did I wear it last year? Answer: yes to everything except the shell pink one and the Kettlewell short cascade. I did not wear them as the K/W is new this season and the shell pink one was bought right at the end of last season. Hmmm. No help there then.

Did I enjoy wearing it if I did? Yes to everything except the classic round neck. Can’t really remember that….

Is it still looking good? They’re all looking fine except the round neck which looks a bit flat and the shocking pink one which is four years old and just beginning to look a little tired. The round neck was new last season, but was a cheap £10 bargain. Was it maybe not such a bargain after all?

How many items from the rest of the wardrobe does it go with? I’m not going to produce a spreadsheet here (and of course the pinks team well with greens and turquoises and corals just love all the tans and browns), but I’ll go through “the most likely to clash” suspects:

  • cream dress with pink roses
  • tangerine lace dress
  • shell pink skirt with orchids
  • coral/pink/yellow “sunset” skirt
  • geranium pink capris
  • shocking pink jeans

It would take too much time to write out the full results, but the shell pink cardi goes with nearly everything, as does the coral K/W wrap, the shocking pink cardi goes with three things and the ugly sister is (again) the classic round neck. We’re seeing a pattern here.

Lastly, do I love it? Well, I’ve already answered the question for two of the items before we even started the process. Of the remaining four, I do love the silly waterfall sleeves on the shocking pink, I’m really fond of the K/W short cascade style (I have four of them now in different colours) and I’m quite prepared to love the shell pink crop although it looks a bit plain and maybe I need to change the buttons to jazz it up. The round neck thing is quite frankly boring and I’m happy to let it go.

So there we are. Six pink cardigans reduced to five pink cardigans. Was the effort worth it?

Well, yes, because I have the space of one cardigan. And, remember, I am now going to carry out that same exercise with the rest of my wardrobe.

I think the point I’m trying to make here is that there is nothing intrinsically wrong in having a lot of clothes (even a lot of pink cardigans), just so long as they all work hard for you, you actually wear them and enjoy wearing them and, of course, they all look great on you. Oh and they also need to fit you and to be in good condition too. just thought I’d mention that….

But it is worth going through this process at least once every six months just to make sure. After all, if even House of Colour Consultants have the odd sub-standard item that needs weeding out, then surely the rest of you do too.


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